Friday, December 8, 2006

A Paradise Where Creative Minds Meet

I can remember as a very young girl, I was involved in baking activities together with my aunties. This however has set my journey to passionate baking and cooking..... I could remember the wonderful fragrance that lingered around the tiny kitchen and the satisfying fruits of my labour - the Wonderful Walnut Cake especially. As I do not want this beautiful memory and my infinite passion on baking and cooking to diminish, I wish to encourage the art of baking and its potential for limitless creativity in everyone.

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to turn back the clock, fill your kitchen with the wonderful evocative aroma of real home baking, and rediscover the joy of giving friends and family a treat. If you wish to start this baking journey, start with..The Creative Home Baking.....

The Creative Home Baking provides Baking and Cooking Culinary Advice and Experience.

Our gatherings are held in the comfortable home-setting environment or external venues. All participants are guarantee to enjoy:

1. Full seaview and natural sea breeze during the workshop
2. Best and natural ingredients used
3. Hands-on workshop (most of the time 95%) with limited demo workshops
4. Written recipes
5. Fun and laughter at all times

Do look out for our new culinary activities details. Interested participants, please write to us at

May Our Gracious Lord Bless You and Your Family with all the Special Cakes & Desserts you have prepared for them.