Thursday, August 9, 2007

DONUT & ME for Kids and Mums/Dads


Have you & your kids been in the donut craze fever snacking into deep-fried donuts lately? These sugary treats could be more healthy as well as satisfying your donut desires. So mums and dads – come together with your kids and make these take-home treasures that utilize hearts & hands together.

Hands-On Outline
Each family is very often encouraged to create their own donut design. During the creative journey, mums/dads may be required to take down notes and tips. All participants must put on aprons throughout the gathering.

1. How can donuts be made?
2. What are the Ingredients used
3. Methods in Designing Donuts
4. Types of filling to be used
5. Where to get ingredients

The Fun Begins with:
Pressing, Cutting UFO Doughnuts
Decoration of Doughnuts