Thursday, October 30, 2008



If you intend to make a special birthday cake for your loved ones, you need two important traits – Love and Imagination. Our workshop combines both practically-based of core baking & decorating techniques and methods with tried and tested advice, tips and tricks honed in the course. You will definitely receive the “oohs and aahs” around the office and at home when your colleagues and loved ones respectively, find out “you made that”! It is magical that you can do these cakes at the comfort of your own home. Well as we often say, when love and imagination work together, expect a masterpiece.

Hands-On Outline
All participants will have their own cakes to work on. Participants will be involved in food preparation as well as washing of utensils.

Strawberry Delight Cake – There is an elegant cake that is irresistible cake that perfectly suits every tastes and occasions. Tempt and dazzle friends and family with it.

Queen of Chocolate Cake – Legend says to feast on this delectable treat. Anything chocolate makes a great special treat for this special “someone” for his/her birthday.


Special private workshops such as bridal shower party, get-together sessions for girlfriends, couples, team building sessions etc for cakes, decoration and cooking can be arranged. For more information please contact us.