Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chocolate Cakes and Chocolate Decoration HANDS-ON


Chocolate, I must confess, is like love…very irresistible and like time…very seasonless.

Course Outline
In this workshop, you will be taught how to prepare the following cakes which will send your taste buds dancing:
1. Velvety Chocolate Mousse Cake
2. Prima Dona Chocolate Cake – A dark extremely rich chocolate layer cake with dark chocolate icing
3. Birthday Chocolate Cake

Chocolate designs made out of Chocolate – These decorations are just perfect for your finished cakes making them look stunning. You will be taught how to make:
1. Chocolate Curls
2. Chocolate Slabs
3. Chocolate Transfer
4. Chocolate Patterns (Varieties)

Upon completion of the cakes, be expected to receive “Wow…ooh…..” from your relatives, friends and family members as they would be tempted and dazzled by the two delectable lip smacking cakes. The process of making them will rejuvenate your soul, scintillate your senses and the end result…. Make your palate purr…(Please see attached - one of our student's masterpieces)


Special private workshops such as bridal shower party, get-together sessions for girlfriends, couples, team building sessions etc for cakes, decoration and cooking can be arranged. For more information please contact us.