Monday, September 5, 2011

Cupcake Day Camp Hands-on


A great cupcake makes you happy and not guilty. This is a comprehensive cupcake workshop which embraces all fundamental skills required to make different types of cupcakes suitable for different occasions or celebrations. For those who are new to baking or an amateur baker, this workshop will spur up your interest in baking. For experienced bakers, this course will bring your skills to a fabulous professional edge.

You will learn the following:

Basic knowledge of the right tools
Fitting decorating bag properly
Technique in holding and squeezing the bag for perfect decoration
Using the right decoration tips to create different patterns

Types of Cupcake
You will learn to create 4 types of cupcakes.
Learn different tips in creating different flavour of cupcakes

Types of Icing
You will learn how to prepare 4 types of different icing/frosting
Different piping techniques and different icing methods

Colouring of IcingTypes of colour to use
Choose the right colour to help you set the theme and personalise your cupcake decoration

Different techniques of frosting
4 types of frosting and icing
Different types of decorative items

Cupcake Decoration
Create a beautiful touch with combination of techniques in decorating the cupcakes
Other tips in enhancing your cupcake design

At the end of this creative journey,you will bring home 12 different beautifully decorated cupcakes to share your gifts in the kitchen with your loved ones.