Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas Kitchen Gifts - Madeleine & Christmas Cake Truffles


If "food is love", then gifts from your kitchen are the most priceless present you can bestow to your loved ones and friends. A gift from the kitchen is a gift from the heart! As you have put in so much tender, loving care, they do indeed bear the hallmark of your own good taste and talents. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you will enjoy the time you spend in the warm, fragrant kitchen. Make this holiday season the sweetest ever by gifting your loved ones these delectable baked treats from your kitchen.

You will learn the following:
1. White Chocolate Cream Cheese Lemon Cake Truffles
2. Double Chocolate Cake Truffles
2. Classical Madeleine
3. Chocolate Madeleine

You will bring home to share your gifts in the kitchen with your loved ones.