Thursday, September 6, 2012

Traditional Moon Cake Making

Date: Saturday

There is always something very special and irresistible about traditional fresh, home-made Mooncakes. After all, who isn't tempted by these round treasures from your very own kitchen oven? 
Master the art of making traditional mooncakes in this workshop from the old family recipe. Each bite of the mooncake will keep your tastebuds dancing!

Hands-On Outline
In this workshop, all participants will master the following skills:

1.     How to prepare traditional mooncake skin
2.    How to make snow mooncake skin
3.    How to make the shanghai moocake skin
4.    How to shape the filling
5.    How to prepare the salted eggs
6.    How to wrap filling with salted eggs

7.    How to prepare mould
8.    How to mould the mooncake

You will learn the art of making these traditional treasures:
Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Traditional Snow Skin Mooncakes

Shanghai Mooncakes