Monday, January 15, 2007

Authentic Chinese New Year Nonya Cakes

My recent trip to Australia was very fruitful. I visited Auntie Maggie in Sydney and we talked and baked a lot during my stay there. I told her about my teaching and the experience and knowledge I gathered from my teaching as well as my research. Auntie Maggie is really very kind. She kept saying that I would have to keep the nonya cooking and baking going on as my cousins are not really interested in cooking at all. During the stay with her, I have learnt and picked up many authentic nonya culinary skills from her. So right now back in Singapore, I would like to share with you the authentic nonya cakes that were usually baked in the nonya kitchen before new year.

1. Nonya Butter Cake
2. Pandan Kaya Cake
3. Authentic Nonya Sugee Cake - Liquor is used
4. Rosemary and lemon cake