Monday, August 25, 2008

Sakura Cream Puff


Are you lured by the smell of freshly-baked puffs and are so willingly to join the long snake-lines to buy the famous chain's trademark cream puffs? Although everyone knows that all cream puff are made from just only four basic ingredients: water, butter, flour and eggs… very simple recipes tho’ but the trick lies in getting the preparation and texture right. Well cream puff is not just another cream puff if the shell is made with two kinds of pastry – a tender pastry coated with a flaky crust.

What do you have to do at the end of your creative journey? Well just open your mouth in preparation to take one oozy creamy bite of:

Durian Cream Puff
Chocolate Cream Puff
Mango Creamy Cream Puff


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