Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Hands-On Outline
You are expected to work in groups in weighing ingredients, washing utensils etc. Each participant will, most of the time, have their own cake to work on and very often are encourage to create their own designed cakes . During the workshops, you may be required to take down notes and tips for baking. Participants may have to bring along an apron. After your creative journey, you will bring home your own masterpieces.

You will learn how to make:
1.Molten Chocolate with vanilla ice-cream – Rich fudge that oozes from the center when cut....a real decadent treat if you are looking for an over the top chocolate dessert!
2.Taiwanese Soft Chocolate Cheesecake – Soft and light cheesecake. Every bite is filled with fabulous textures.
3.Double Chocolate Fudge Muffins – An absolute chocolate-lovers choice bursting with more chocolate which makes them a perfect way to start your day or enjoy them with an afternoon cup of coffee.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE Email:  creativebaking88@yahoo.com.sg

Special private workshops such as bridal shower party, get-together sessions for girlfriends, couples, team building sessions etc for cakes, decoration and cooking can be arranged. For more information please contact us.