Thursday, February 28, 2013

Intermediate & Advance Cake Baking Workshop

Date: Saturday  16 March 2013 & Friday 29 March
Time: 9.30am - 5pm
Availability - Yes

The Intermediate to Advanced Cake Baking Workshop is an extension of the Foundation Cake Baking Workshop.  This workshop will combine all the knowledge, techniques and artistic skills of the foundation cake baking workshop and bring you to a more challenging cake making process.  This workshop will allow you to develop practical skills and knowledge in making more attractive and professional looking cakes.

One of the arts to baking perfect cakes is to ensure they look as good as they taste and you will be shown how this is possible.   If you are an amateur baking, this is the class that will make your cakes stand out and really impress your friends and family!

The Challenging Cakes
You will make a variety of cake baking methods including how to prepare, make and bake:

Classical Italian Tiramisu Cake
Rich Chocolate Sacher Torte
Traditional Raisin Scones

Classical German Black Forest Cake
New York Cheesecake
Rainbow Cake

Filling Techniques
Fresh Cream
Chocolate Ganache
Cream Cheese
Mascarpone Cheese

Cake Decoration Techniques
Assembling of Cake
Chocolate as adornment
Simple Piping Decoration

Participants; Role in the Workshop

  1. Bring a 7’ sponge cake (recipe covered in Foundation Cake Baking Workshop) each to Intermediate and Advance Cake Making Workshop
  2. To bring writing materials
  3. To bring apron
  4. During the workshop – As this is a hands-on workshop, you will be in-charge of your own utentils and baking pans, trays, table etc.  Please ensure that they are kept clean at all time.
  5. To commit 2 days of your time for this challenging cake making workshop