Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Temptation of an Ombre Cake – Hands-On Workshop

Date: Saturday 03 August
Time: 9.30am
Availability - Full. Thank you for your support

Let’s get into the ombre cake trend right now. What is an ombre cake then? It is a lovely cake with the progression of light to dark hues of a single colour cream, making the eye an irresistible journey to follow. The end result is a charmingly retro and romantic cake without being too fussy. Absolutely lovely! Let’s get started and I am sure you will love everything about this cake.

Workshop Outline
You will learn:
  1. how to make classical American style yellow cake
  2. how to make different shade of a single colour in the batter
  3. how to change the flavour of the cake
  4. how to prepare Classical American-style buttercream icing in ombre design
  5. how to stack the cakes
  6. 2 piping techniques to decorate the ombre cake
  7. Different colour options
  8. Storing and packing of cakes


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