Monday, March 26, 2007



This gathering is perfect for you even if you do not own an oven at all ! Join us to churn out these spectacular and delectable cakes…..

L’Opera Cake – The Opera cake actually dates back to 1903, when Louis Clichy premiered it as the ‘Clichy’ at the Exposition Culinaire in Paris. Many years later, the renowned Parisian p√Ętisserie Dalloyau reintroduced and popularized it as ‘L’Opera.’ At any rate, the L’Opera Gateau with moist layers of cakes, combined with two special filling makes this delicacy an impressive dessert.

Estotica Mud Cake – Double chocolate chips mud cake covered with rich chocolate ganache, creates such an exotic taste that you won't find anywhere else.

What to Bring
1. Apron
2. Tupperware
3. Your interest, creativity and enthusiasm

This is a halal session. Liquor is not used.
Prices include ingredients. No additional cost will be incurred.
Workshop Course Fee is collected during the workshop.