Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black Pepper Christmas Ham Set Workshop

Date: Saturday 30 November
Time: 9.30am – 1pm

Christmas is the culminating point for many families in Singapore. In fact many families opined that it has always been a treasured time of the year. Writers such as Charles Dickens and Laura Ingalls Wilder remind us how it was celebrated in our simpler past. Although we now live in an information age, we can still look back to that time with wonderful meats with gravy, suculent vegetables, filling potatoes and rich desserts. The kids eagerly await the presents on Christmas morning, but it is the adults who look forward to the true gift of the season, a wonderful Christmas meal with our family and loved ones.

Harvest Black Pepper Baked Ham
You will be taught how to cure ham to give it extra flavour, colour and aroma.  This extra effort will really pay off as this succulent ham not only taste great, it also looks great on the Christmas table.

Harvest Baked Vegetables
A perfect side dish of roasted vegetables brightens any dinner plate.  These vegetables are baked in the right temperature so that all the flavour and nutritional value retain in the vegetables.  This dish is not only low in calories, rich in fiber and it is also awesome in taste.

Special Aromatic Black Pepper Glaze
With a different blend of spices, you will get the best aromatic black pepper glaze for your ham.

Fragrant Mango Serving Sauce
A combination of sweet and tangy serving sauce that is just perfect to go with the ham.

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